Every once and a while a genre finds itself being spun on its head. It’s a natural progression of all things, as tastes, sensibilities, understandings, and the world in general changes and grows. As it grows so too does its thirst for a voice that represents the now.

Enter todays guests. An act that really reminds us all of the power children have and the respect their content deserves.

Known for not only there extraordinary craft, beautiful musical moments, messaging and execution, they possess an incredible work ethic and drive to create things that are simply put, beautiful for our children,

Their music is anything but common place and their tireless pursuit in providing what they feel is a platform our children deserve, is shown in their unprecedented popularity, respect and celebration.

And to think it all came from the one family, the one lounge room, the result of a singular parenting style.

So sit back and listen to Byll and Beth of Teeny Tiny Stevies on Benny Asking People questions.

June 1, 2024