The rise and rise of Teeny Tiny Stevies

June 1, 2024 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

Every once and a while a genre finds itself being spun on its head. It’s a natural progression of all things, as tastes, sensibilities, understandings, and the world in general changes and grows. As it grows so too does its thirst for a voice that represents the now.

Enter todays guests. An act that really reminds us all of the power children have and the respect their content deserves.

Known for not only there extraordinary craft, beautiful musical moments, messaging and execution, they possess an incredible work ethic and drive to create things that are simply put, beautiful for our children,

Their music is anything but common place and their tireless pursuit in providing what they feel is a platform our children deserve, is shown in their unprecedented popularity, respect and celebration.

And to think it all came from the one family, the one lounge room, the result of a singular parenting style.

So sit back and listen to Byll and Beth of Teeny Tiny Stevies on Benny Asking People questions.

Drifting away with Eli Murray

May 6, 2024 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

When we think of Children’s music we often fall into the assumption of the 2-3 minute jingle-esque music and movement variety. It conjures an image of dancing, shouting, stage shows of colour and fanfare.

However as the world begins to expand it’s understanding and celebration of the complexities of the child, we starting to realise that the musical tastes and needs of children are just as complex, if not more, than that of the average adult.

Entre Eli. Eli first created his music for children through the Kinderling Kids Radio podcast, Bedtime explorers, where he merged his love of field recordings, Soundscapes and electronic music into a beautiful body of work to help children dream, and mo0re importantly, day dream.

In this interview we talk the complexities of relaxation music and just how something so seemingly simple can contain the complexities and vast as the universe it encourages us to explore.

The explosive Todd’n’Tina

April 12, 2024 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

Todays guests are simply chaos. Not to be confused with chaotic. There is a big difference. They are chaos in the true sense that they do what they want or need to do because its important to them, and if you truly engage in that sense of honesty, theres less need, want or desperation for it to work, You simply do what your heart tells you.

Their ‘do it yourself’ abandonment is truly admirable, and I think, at the chore of what makes their music fun.

And thats what this interview is….fun.

I bring you Todd’n’Tina

I am Me, Aunty Sharron Part 2

April 5, 2024 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

In Part 2 of our interview with Aunty Sharron, we talk exclusively about her song ‘I am me’.

This song, commissioned by ‘Human Rights Queensland’ is an ode, nod or musical interpretation of the UN’s rights of the child. A document outlining the respect, treatment and recognition all children deserve and should be strived for.

Her song is just as, if not more, powerful than the document and a real triumph and master class in speaking on behalf of thechild.

So grab a cuppa and sit and sip it all in as we chat with Aunty Sharron mirii Bell Part 2

Aunty Sharron’s ode to her mother, her land, and her song

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Today on Part 1 Benny asking people questions we speak with Aunty Sharron mirii Bell.

Aunty Sharron talks about her life as an educator, her work imbedding First Nations perspectives into the education system and of course, her music.

Aunty Sharron is not an artist who does things by halves and her work is testament to the consideration, the commitment and the overall heart that goes into making every song, every decision and every sound.

Her music is as poignant as it is joyful and we get to hear what makes it all tick.

The Emerald Isle through childhood eyes.

March 15, 2024 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

Mick McHugh is as about as passionate a musician can get when it comes his offering for children.

For you see, this album, an album of traditional Irish folk songs for kids, is not an attempt to just simply share the songs and his culture, but rather an attempt to let you in on his childhood. A chance for him to take you by the hand and guide you through the sentimentality and nostalgia he feels as he expresses the beauty of childhood as experienced by him.

It is an album free of any unnecessary sentimentality but rather filled with the sentimental feelings all our memories bring. But in this instance, he shares them with the people in our world building their own sentimental memories.

A true treasure for the ears, and a glorious throwback to the lives of those on the Emerald Isle, it is a force of kindness, reflection and true passionate flag waving.

Smitten by the Fleabite

March 13, 2024 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

Robin Nathan (aka Fleabite) is one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most decorated musicians for children. However as she so freely admits, her music really was for herself, it just so happened to resonate with the minds of children and hence the start of a whole new career.

Her music is so eclectic, genuine, and unique, that all the accolades seemed only a matter of time.

In todays podcast we try to dissect her musical brain and bask in its curiosity, its craziness and its genuine display of originality.

the wonderfully calculated chaos of Andrew and Polly

February 15, 2024 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: BENNY'S Favourites, Podcasts

Meet Andrew and Polly. A musical Duo whose music is there to excite, challenge, expand, and introduce children to the complexities of musical arrangement while simultaneously presenting issues, problems and sheer joy in a language that places the understanding right into the laps of the children that are listening.

Its not easy to do but they make it look all to casual and fun, which is exactly what brings the children in. Their desire to bring in friends to help play their music is just another testament to their ability to have everyone feel involved and included and it is of no wonder they have been nominated for a Grammy to their most recent work.

So grab a cuppa sit back. Welcome to the brains of Andrew and Polly