Stories and Poems out now

‘Stories and Poems’ is the new album from Benny Time, aptly named as its an album of just that, ‘Stories and Poems‘ 

From Anxiety to grieving, giant dinosaurs and disgruntled callers, this album pretty much covers all terrain while reigniting a love for story telling and rhyme.

OUT NOW through iTunes 

What a beautiful day

‘What a beautiful day”, the debut album from me, Benny, available now through iTunes, and Bandcamp



Getting in deep with a Secret Agent. I give you 23 skidoo

In the genre of Family music, the general idea is to write music for the family to enjoy. Creating spaces and themes for a wholesome connection. However my next guests, took the genre and rather going to meet it, dragged it and its families over to meet him. With an incredibly mature soundtrack and musical conviction, his content has the warmth of freshly baked bread while furiously demanding we get up and move. He is undoubetly a genre all to his [...]View More

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