Beyond The Little Star out now

Beyond the little star’  is the new album from Benny Time.

An album designed for the 0-2 yr olds, it is made up of a collection of 1 minute originals and early childhood standards, created for parents and child to learn and add to their exisiting armour of children’s classic

I mean, we all know and love ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ but isn’t it time we moved Beyond The Little Star.

OUT NOW through iTunes and Bandcamp



What a beautiful day

‘What a beautiful day”, the debut album from me, Benny, available now through iTunes, and Bandcamp



Stories and Poems. The new album from Benny Time

The new album from Benny is finally here. Drawing on his nostalgic yearning for poems and storytelling he grew up on, Benny has released an album of just that, Stories and Poems.

IN this album Benny also attempts to tackle some of the trickier subject matter for children from death to anxiety, all done in a way that a child can relate to.

The album available now on iTunes

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