Freecycle Early Learning Community (Sydney)

Id like to introduce to the Freecycle group, Early Learning Community Sydney. A great way for us as early Childhood Educators to share ideas, resources and build our community.

We are in an industry notoriously hard up for cash. However with Freecycle Early Learning Community, Sydney. We can help where we can and we can ask for the help we may need. A place for us to exchange the things we may not need but others may be in search for.

To be involved head along to Freecycle to join.

Looking forward to having you.


New Album - Benny and Friends

Finally, the long awaited release of Benny’s New album ‘Benny and Friends is here. Featuring a star studded cast of Australian and New Zealand children music greats, this is an album rich with inventiveness, togetherness and a healthy dose of silliness. Stream now on Spotify

Jazz hands for watermelon Jazz

Today on ‘Benny asking people questions’ we chat to Jo from ukubele about her truly incredible new jazz album for children, Watermelon Jazz, an album that traverses the globe and brings new meaning to family collaboration.

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