Major Minor Music Australia

After a long long time and much research, phone calls, and coffee, I am very pleased to announce the creation of Major Minor Music Australia (MMMA)

What is it?

Well, I’m glad you ask frankly.

MMMA is a group of like minded people made up of Justine Clarke (Actor, Producer, children’s music artist and author, and Play School presenter), Lorna Clarkson (DJ, writer, and Senior Executive Producer: Kids and Families (LiSTNR & Kinderling), Lisa Barbagallo (Producer and Programmer of contemporary multi-arts programs for young audiences) and me, Benny. Together we work toward the celebration, support, and uplifting of the Australian Children’s Music industry and it’s artists. Our aim? to build a strong platform where the music created specifically for children, our most valuable and capable of citizens, can be championed, promoted, and celebrated.

Our flagship event is the MMMA Awards, or as we like to call them, The Ma’s. Catchy huh?

Come over and say hi to learn all about us and to keep up to date with the awards and all the their goss.



New Album - Benny and Friends Nominated for an ARIA

Benny is thrilled to announce that his new album, Benny and Friends has been recognised for ARIA nomination along with Children’s Music greats, The Wiggles, Teeny Tiny Stevies, The Beanies and Van-Anh Nguyen.  Featuring a star studded cast of Australian and New Zealand children music greats, this is an album rich with inventiveness, togetherness and a healthy dose of silliness.

The musicianship on the album is top-notch throughout, the vocal performances are unequaled. The topics have a way of reaching the kid and the adult alike, with themes like the strength and determination of “The River, The Mountain.” Benny really knows how to be deep and fun at the same time, original and resonant, a teacher and a playful companion.

Stream now on Spotify

The fabulousness of the Lemon Drops

In todays episode we speak to arguably one of Australia’s hardest working acts. An act that prides itself on the connection they have with the top end and its regional communities.

Along with their love for 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s rock, they are a band that speak openly about mental wellbeing and share it confidently in sweeping chorus’ and the jangly guitar. They are a beautiful act filled with Beautiful people and I got to chat to them. Enjoy

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