Mick McHugh is as about as passionate a musician can get when it comes his offering for children.

For you see, this album, an album of traditional Irish folk songs for kids, is not an attempt to just simply share the songs and his culture, but rather an attempt to let you in on his childhood. A chance for him to take you by the hand and guide you through the sentimentality and nostalgia he feels as he expresses the beauty of childhood as experienced by him.

It is an album free of any unnecessary sentimentality but rather filled with the sentimental feelings all our memories bring. But in this instance, he shares them with the people in our world building their own sentimental memories.

A true treasure for the ears, and a glorious throwback to the lives of those on the Emerald Isle, it is a force of kindness, reflection and true passionate flag waving.

March 15, 2024