When we think of Children’s music we often fall into the assumption of the 2-3 minute jingle-esque music and movement variety. It conjures an image of dancing, shouting, stage shows of colour and fanfare.

However as the world begins to expand it’s understanding and celebration of the complexities of the child, we starting to realise that the musical tastes and needs of children are just as complex, if not more, than that of the average adult.

Entre Eli. Eli first created his music for children through the Kinderling Kids Radio podcast, Bedtime explorers, where he merged his love of field recordings, Soundscapes and electronic music into a beautiful body of work to help children dream, and mo0re importantly, day dream.

In this interview we talk the complexities of relaxation music and just how something so seemingly simple can contain the complexities and vast as the universe it encourages us to explore.

May 6, 2024