In this podcast I speak with Team Dream a new act out of Melbourne Australia.

At first glance you would be forgiven for framing them in the same canvas of similar pop Childrens acts that have come before however if you spend some time and sink deeper into what they do you soon discover that they are anything but. Their desperately sparce take on children’s pop is kind of refreshing and leans them more toward the stylings of Yo Gabba Gabba than the polished pop we often here. This is not to assume they aren’t polished, in fact its quite the opposite, they are incredibly polished, not just in sound and almost machine like harmoines, but in their content, their message, and who they see themselves as. Confidence in identity in an industry that can often rush such a defining trait.

In this episode I speak with all six members, Jacqui, Shana, Kieran, Johnny, Zoe and Aaron about their beginnings, their future and who out of them most identify with Ringo Star. Enjoy