A Cheeky Chat With Cheeky Tunes.

February 5, 2020 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

The world is awash with kids music. All genres, all topics and all manner of motives are covered however, despite this, still few come from the floors of having to amuse, entertain and enliven childrens lives ddaily. My next guest is one such person, her classes have grown steadily in popularity and thankfully it lead to her music and her shows getting a broader look in. Her message is for children and children alone, and she is someone who believes desperately in the relationship one must foster with the listener and child to have the biggest impact.

Today Eleanor chats with us about Cheeky Tunes and gives us a little insight into just HOW good her Vietnamese is.

Let Me Introduce….Debbie Doo

September 5, 2019 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

Debbie Doo basically makes any version of online success I may have had seem like a Luke warm instant coffee bought in a truck stop.

Her online views and followers have casually left the 1000’s in its wake and have reached the millions. With a staggering flow of new content, she is a pioneer in this new frontier and one that has surely created the blueprint for all of us to follow. Her signature look, sound and image have made her one of Australia’s unsung greatest child entertaining exports. I give you the one and only Debbie Doo

Do you Kazoo? Chatting With Celia Wordsworth

August 18, 2019 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

To be a children’s artist, or any artist really, you need to hunt. A constant hunt for work, for exposure, and for the next payday. It is exhausting, and it IS constant, however some acts make it work, some acts respond to the hustle with a furrowed brow and rolled up sleaves, and then some….are the Kazoos. An act that has redefined the idea of longevity, hard work and the myriad of different hats one must wear. Their efforts and enthusiasm are contagious, along with their seemingly tireless skill at saying yes to any job and making it memorable.

Everyone, I give you the Kazoos

Stories and Poems. The new album from Benny Time

May 25, 2019 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

The new album from Benny is finally here. Drawing on his nostalgic yearning for poems and storytelling he grew up on, Benny has released an album of just that, Stories and Poems.

IN this album Benny also attempts to tackle some of the trickier subject matter for children from death to anxiety, all done in a way that a child can relate to.

The album available now on iTunes

Feel the warmth of the Beanies. Chatting with Laura, Mim and Michael

November 14, 2018 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

In this episode of Parent time, I chat with the award winning Laura, Mim and Michael Beanie as they let us in on their process, their plans and why eggs are the obvious choice. So settle in and discover the world and work of this extraordinary trio of young people as they set about making their mark on Australia’s children’s music scene. Read more…

The secret life of Benny Time

November 7, 2018 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Parent Stuff

So, at the beginning of the year I worked on a show for screentime and network ten about children in a day care setting entitled ‘the secret life of four year olds’. The show is set in a daycare environment with two teachers one of which is me. It’s based on a UK show and goes to air, This Monday, the 12th of November and I get to play a bunch of guitar on it and generally be  teachering about. Read more…

Giveaway: Greatest kids entertainment pack ever

September 3, 2018 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Parent Stuff, Spotlight

For the month of September I will be raising money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. All donors will go in the running to win the biggest kids entertainment prize pack ever, including Justine Clarke, Peter Combe, Lah Lah’s big live band and Teeny Tiny Stevies. Plus many more prizes over the month. For your chance to help out and go in the running just follow the link and donate $10 or more. Thanks for your support.




Tiptoeing on the shoulders of Giants. I give you Meg, Lee and Vee.

August 14, 2018 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Podcasts

Tiptoe Giants have landed on the scene with a deeply authentic offering for a debut. An album that speaks directly to the child, and highlights all three members diverse music and arts backgrounds.

In this interview, sisters Meg and Lee and friend Vee, get the chance to speak at lengths about who they are, why they are, and why this means so much to them.