I was recently asked to create a video for the Vegetable Plots award winning song “Waiting For A Bus” Im pretty happy with it really. Amazing what you can do when you concentrate

‘Sebastian and the dancers’ a short story about a defining moment in one boys life.
Losing someone you love or someone close is hard no matter who you are. But not being able to articulate how you feel can be even harder. Death is an enormously tricky and complex subject for a child and often they lack the resources and knowledge on how to express themselves. Im not suggesting this video will fix anything but perhaps it might be useful for a child and help a little.

All the Best
Its Going to be a good good Day
5 . 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 Blast Off
Sausages. Lets dance and count. Done
‘My Best friends Party’ is a poem off my third album “Stories and Poems’ It explores the anxiety children may feel around new situations and crowds. A very real situation fro many children but equally as difficult to articulate.
‘To The Shop’ off my second Album – “Beyond the little Star’ an album for the 0-2’s.
Swim little turtle Off my first album “What a beautiful Day’ featuring the sounds of a Woman Choir.

‘Ride My Bike’ Like what you see? Head over to the kids page for some extra tricky activities… can you FIND my bike?

‘The Family Song’

10 months in the making and help from all four corners of the globe.  This has been very much a super combined effort and thanks to all people involved.

From Redfern to London, New York to Freetown, sit back and enjoy the fruits of many peoples labour.

‘I Can Be Any Animal’ From Malcolm and the crew at Lucid Edge  starring, Ted, Maddy, Lewis, Lotus, and Milla

‘If You’re Not Looking At Me’ Starring Natalia, Julian and Noam.