Big Ted to Little Justine. Peter takes us behind the scenes

May 22, 2015 0 Comments AUTHOR: jakebus CATEGORIES: BENNY'S Favourites, Podcasts

Peter Dasent

Peter Dasent – Musician

Peter Dasent may not be a name bantered around the dinner table much but guaranteed his music has caused many a conversation.

As piano player on Play School, Peter was introduced to Justine Clarke… and the rest is current history.

It’s a small club that holds gold and platinum records in the children’s market, but Peter, through the voice of Justine, has given our children some of their greatest music ever.

today in ‘Parent Time’, Peter talks openly about Play School, meeting Justine, and the creation of one of the greatest children’s tunes of all time…..watermelon

All hail Mr Dasent.



May 10, 2015 0 Comments AUTHOR: jakebus CATEGORIES: BENNY'S Ultimate Lists, Books books books

Finding a good children’s book is about as simple as … well, nothing.

It’s hard, simple as that and with so many to choose from and almost no guidance, its easy to find oneself floundering around in a sea of princess’, dinosaurs, pirates and dogs trying to work out which one has worth and which one is worth it.

In an effort to somewhat ease this inevitable headache I have written a small list of some of my favorite.

Now, I don’t claim they’re the best books ever written, however, they are books I have seen 100’s of children lose themselves in … and that’s about as good an endorsement as you’ll get.

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