Hi, My name is Benny, from Benny Time (makes sense)
Im currently doing my 5th album which is a little scary after the success of my 4th album ‘Benny and Friends’. Benny and Friends was an ARIA nominated album that really changed the music I made and delivered. It also gave me a lot of courage musically and after 30 odd years of writing, was the first time I ever called myself a musician. Crazy right? But true.
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Enter the follow up album. ‘Benny’s Garden’
Benny’s Garden is again a new step forward for me as in this instance I found myself with a new band. A band made up of musicians I truly didn’t ever expect to play with. Not only because of their extraordinary experience but also because of their high demand. I was so blown away by them that for this album I decided to let them have their way.
I engaged the producing mastery of Harri Harding (Okenyo, Zindzi and the Zillionaires, Milan Ring) and basically handed over 6 songs and then stood back as he and the band brought all they had to these songs. It was terrifying but incredibly liberating. Not just because of the result but just to have the chance to watch these people create.
The band is Clarinet and acclaimed experimental musician, Laura Altman. Multi instrumentalist Bonnie Stewart. Guitarist extraordinaire and Jazz mind bogolist, Peter Koopman and of course Bass extremist, Abel Cross. Oh, they had one other rule. We were only to record what we could play live. no over dubs, no massive sounds. It needed to sound like we were just playing in, you guest it, ‘benny’s Garden’.
The album is almost there with only a few more mixing days etc but like all of us, funds are getting harder to come by ad I am asking for a little push over the line.
thanks for helping.