‘A little grey cloud’ In the past year or so it has been my experience that people find it very difficult to sit with sadness and what one might pass off as a negative attitude.

Its not a bad thing of course, i think its a nice trait of ours that we gravitate to wanting to ‘fix’ sadness. However, at the same time, i think its equally as important, particularly in children, to at the very least, acknowledge sadness as a fundamental emotion that we cannot live without. Similar to Anger, it makes up our emotional spectrum, and without them, the rest of our emotions have no reference point.

My new single with @claudiarobingunn and @eastcoastinspirationalsingers , produced by @michaelmcglynnproductions is a song that encourages children to sit with these emotions that are perhaps a little harder to understand or hard to explain. The ones that don’t need ‘fixing’ but rather to just be sat with and allowed to come out. The more you let out the more that can come in.

Hoping you have kids in your life that this may help or at the very least, something to think about. Listen now on Spotify