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The brand new single from Benny Time. ‘The Family Song’

10 months in the making and help from all four corners of the globe.  This has been very much a super combined effort and thanks to all people involved.

From Redfern to London, New York to Freetown, sit back and enjoy the fruits of many peoples labour.

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‘What a beautiful day”, the debut album from me, Benny, available now through iTunes,



Trail blazing with the Okee Dokee Brothers

There are few children’s acts as dedicated to the art of musical enlightenment when it comes to our children than the Okee Dokee Brothers.

Their unique approach in bringing honest, educated genres to our children is unparalleled and has earned them several Grammy Noninations including one win for their album Can You Canoe.

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What better way to spend the rainy cold long weekend... #Repost @angie.who (@get_repost)
Freebies this way!
I love colouring in with my big girl....So, with that in mind we made you some free printables! Based loosely (completely) on the Littlefolk artwork. Head over to to see what all the fuss is about!
They come in 3 attention span levels so there's something for everyone!
Let's see when you or the littles have finished! Post a pic with a hashtag like this: #angiewho 👍🏼❤️🎨🖌🖍 #Littlefolk #colour #colourwiththekids #craft #freeprintables #parenting #freefun #yourewelcome #mumlife #dadlife #kids #familyfun #family #mindfulnessforkids #colourformindfulness #mindfulnesscolouring #mindfulness #rainydayactivities #colourwhileicoffeekids drawings by @steftsai the cleverest.
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I have plenty more to say on the matter, but for now I'll allow the words of the bellow to touch on the subject.

By Freda Love Smith

'When they became parents however, some of my friends began to sniff at the idea of children’s music. Why not just good music, they ask, claiming that their enlightened 7-year old loves Mom’s Wilco album. Which is great, of course, but I maintain that there is something special about songs that are written and recorded specifically for kids. Showing them that there are records made specifically with them in mind can be empowering, and you could argue that Bozo records primed the Baby Boomers not only to become record lovers, but to expect that music could speak for them. Bozo paved the way for the Beatles. So stop your sniffing, and give the children in your life some good music written with them in mind.'
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