Not only is Benny and Friends a wonderful showcase for Thatcher’s lovely vocals and spot on songwriting, but it also is a solid introduction to children’s music performers from that area of the world.
Veronica DeFazio 
All in all a truly wonderful collection of songs, which serve to stir the emotions and lift the spirits throughout. The album is both heart-warming and even comical at times, providing an eclectic selection of songs that continuously surprise
One of the greats in kids entertainment releases his BEST album yet. ‘Benny and Friends’ by Benny Time …And as the title suggests, every fun-filled catchy tune on the album feautures one or more of Benny’s musical buddies, like Justine Clarke, The Beanies, Lah Lah and the Tiptoe Giants!

The musicianship on the album is top-notch throughout, the vocal performances are unequaled. The topics have a way of reaching the kid and the adult alike, with themes like the strength and determination of “The River, The Mountain.” Benny really knows how to be deep and fun at the same time, original and resonant, a teacher and a playful companion.
Greg Walker