The Man in the Hat comes back (Chat along with Sam Part 1)

May 20, 2016 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: BENNY'S Favourites, Parent Stuff, Podcasts


Sam Moran is one of Australia’s most endearing and enduring children’s performers, rising up from the ashes of an apparent end to forge a new beginning with a new image, a new show, new fans and now an Aria award to boot.

In Part 1 of this interview he talks openly about the trappings of being a singing and dance major in 80’s Wagga Wagga, why wrapping presents is the greatest song ever and  why his daughter probably will earn more from his songs than he will.

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May 19, 2016 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: BENNY'S Ultimate Lists, Books books books, Parent Stuff


More and more nowadays we are seeing children’s books, and their authors, becoming increasingly self aware and using the platform to share larger ideas. Books aimed at the young are becoming somewhat of a political playing field, with societal hot topics being presented and discussed in a way the young can comprehend and understand. Some dip their toes in the pool of the condesending, labouring their message to the point of patronising, while others pitch way above their desired audience, presenting confusing abstract ideas only relevant to the parent, whose then left to unscramble the brain of the confused child.

However, there are authors out there who are, whether by shear chance, genetics or tireless observation, completely and precisely in sync with the sensibilities of a child and have provided works far beyond their initial reading. So I thought I’d share some of my favourites.

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From Jugglers To Rabbits, Melanie has written for them all…

April 1, 2016 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Parent Stuff, Podcasts

When we think of childrens television, we think of Peppa Pig, Play School and Thomas the Tank Engine, but its hard to imagine that somewhere in the suburbs, in a darkened room with their head in their hands, is a struggling soul trying desperately to come up with new characters, dialogue and scenarios to cater for the ever demanding mind of a child.

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It’s as easy as abc – introducing your kids to music

March 14, 2016 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Music 101

Watching a child’s emerging appreciation for music is pretty special if you are lucky enough to witness it. Singing, dancing, moving, all little steps in the awakening of the musical tornado inside thats waiting patiently (but completley impatiently) to get out, culminating, eventually, in early morning raves and dance parties, while us parents sit at home sweating it out for their safe return several days later.

We can’t stop it from happening, and why on earth would we?

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Meet The Don, Children Entertainments Very Own Godfather.

July 27, 2015 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: BENNY'S Favourites, Podcasts

It is a rare few who can sustain a career in entertainment spanning almost 4 decades. It is an even rarer few that can do it in the world of children’s entertainment.

Don Spencer is one such man.

Here he sheds some light on his career, his accidental presidency over his very own charity, Australian Children’s Music Foundation, and why Jeremy Irons, never quite had what it took

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July 21, 2015 0 Comments AUTHOR: Benny CATEGORIES: Kids Talk, Original Videos, Parent Stuff

As a pre-school teacher you’re often privy to some pretty unique conversations

One particularly enlightening conversation I found myself in was with some of my 4 year olds as they discussed families, or more importantly, what made up a family.

A spark was lit and the “Family Song” was conceived.

I put out a request to friends, fans and family:  ‘Please film your family with your mobile phone and send me the clip’.

Many months later, and with the help of many people, a music video clip was compiled from family footage from all four corners of the globe.

Its about everything I could of hoped it would be, and what’s better, I think we’ve all done a good job representing those kids who may sometimes have to look a little wider to find representation.

And to be totally honest (if I have to) it was sort of the point of the song in the first place.

So please take a moment to sit down with your family and enjoy the fruits of many peoples labour.

From Freetown to London, New York to Redfern … this is “The Family Song” … hope you dig it.